Regain peace of mind

Starting an organizing project may be your biggest hurdle. Take a new approach! Fortunately Organized specializes in helping families, individuals and small business owners. Whether your closets are overflowing, your entire home or office needs to be reorganized, you are planning to downsize, moving yourself or loved ones, or are looking for a speaker for your next event, Fortunately Organized offers personalized services to meet your needs and lifestyle.

You would benefit from our services if:

  • The job seems overwhelming and you are not sure where to start
  • You just plain dislike doing this type of work
  • Your busy schedule doesn't permit you to do it

Why choosing Fortunately Organized is a wise decision:

  • We have a proven process that lifts the burden from you.
  • Your input in the decision making process is of upmost consideration.
  • It's economical; taking time from work to do it yourself can be expensive.
  • We are proudly committed to a strict code of ethics.

hand writing listSigns that you may need professional organizing services:

  • Your carpet is your filing cabinet

  • You know there is furniture somewhere under that pile of clothes

  • You put on a helmet before opening a closet door

  • You are moving and have not unpacked boxes from your last move
man buried in paper next to boxes