Connie Fortune
Connie Fortune

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About Connie

You might be wondering, what does this organized woman know about chaos?

I'll bet she has never been embarrassed when unexpected guests showed up at her house. How can she relate to my situation? Well, living with four children and a husband, I learned to be organized. I know how much lost time and stress can be involved when looking for lost paperwork, an elusive set of keys, a missing pair of scissors, or children's shoes. Using my own experiences and from working as a professional organizer since 2003, I can help you save time and money by organizing your space.

Now you may be saying, does she have the experience and credentials that make a difference?

Not only have I spent my adult life gaining organizational knowledge and skills for my own use, but as an organizational professional I have been helping others gain the same advantage for the last nine years. Working with senior citizens is my specialty. I graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. degree in Human Development/Gerontology . Senior citizens have always had a special place in my heart and it pleases me to be able to work through Fortunately Organized with seniors and their families.

I am fully insured and adhere to a strict code of ethics and confidentiality.

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a founding board member and past president of the NAPO - Pittsburgh Chapter, a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and a member of Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).

You might wonder what to do with the belongings you no longer need. You can't use these items anymore, but they are still useful and can be reused.

If items are no longer needed in your space, I help you find resources to recycle, donate, or resell them. I DO NOT toss out everything! Things came into your space for a reason, and can be redistributed wisely. You will decide what to keep and what to discard. For the things you do not need, I have many reliable resources for donating, reselling and recycling items.