No matter what our stage in life, young or mature, we seem to accumulate "things." If your "things" have taken over, let Fortunately Organized provide you with ideas and hands-on-help to regain lost space and increase your enjoyment of your newly organized living spaces. Our approach works in all living areas of your home (bedrooms, children's areas, dens, desks, dining rooms, entry areas, family rooms, home offices, kitchens and living rooms) as well as for storage spaces (attics, basements, closets, garages, mud rooms and pantries). It is your option for us to work together or to have our team work independently to complete your projects. Recapturing that much needed space will enable you to be more organized, gain valuable time and experience less stress when needed items are easily at hand.

Our services include:

  • Providing a plan to achieve your goal
  • Sorting, categorizing, labeling and placing your belongings for best use
  • Providing reputable resources and arrange for the sale of unneeded items through professional antique dealers, estate sales or auction services or consignment stores
  • Packing usable items you no longer need for donation and coordinate pick up by local charities. A list of donated items can be made by request for your tax records
  • Providing resources for recycling household items
  • Packing belongings for home remodeling projects, unpacking and putting items in place when the renovations are completed
  • Assisting home owners with pre-sale home staging de-cluttering services
  • Assisting mature seniors who want to stay in their own homes with services geared towards safety, mobility, and maximizing self sufficiency

Do you usually prefer to do things yourself, but for some reason you just can't get started? I will provide an easy to follow step by step process for you to organize your own space. To keep you on track, optional one hour weekly visits or phone calls are offered.