My husband wanted to hire Connie to help us downsize and I was reluctant because I thought we should be able to do it ourselves. Now, I am thrilled that I agreed. I feel liberated from the nagging burden of all that had to be done in order to move.
- Mary, Pittsburgh, PA

"My areas of extreme and hopeless clutter were a growing source of 'stuckness' and embarrassment to me. When Connie's flyer arrived in the mail, it felt like a sign. I knew it was time to take action. To say the least, it's been money and time very well spent."
- Jan, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you not only for your help in sorting, boxing and donating, but also for the sensitivity you showed my mom. I know this is a rough process for her, but without your gentle and understanding touch, it would have been much more difficult."
- Willa Seidenberg, Director, Annenberg Radio News School of Journalism USC

"Connie dear, you brought us through a hard time in our lives. Throughout the entire move we were impressed with your integrity, reliability, industrious attitude and very pleasant disposition. It suited our needs precisely."
- Jeanne and John Shaffer, Highland Park

"A thousand thanks for assisting me with my move. I was able to complete the move and close by the July 1st deadline. I will continue to give people your name; you have a unique and useful service."
- Beth, Sewickley, PA

"I would recommend Fortunately Organized to any senior who is making a move. She's tactful, flexible and smart about getting the job done on time and with a sensitivity that comes from having respect for her clients and their wishes."
-MK, Jacksonville, FL

"I love everything about Connie. What you see is what you get. Warm, accepting, fun-loving, ready and willing to do what needs to be done in any given situation. I thought 'If I had any other problem that I seemed unable to resolve myself, I wouldn't hesitate to hire a professional.' What are you waiting for? Give her a call!" "I am remiss about thanking you for all you did. First, you should know that everything got off the kitchen table that night as the kids claimed their belongings and took them to their rooms. You made two clear living areas in my home and we had a few laughs. What more could I ask?"